Red Peg Story Battleship Boat

Our Story

It all started with a simple, but powerful idea that our founder Brad Nierenberg had in 1995: consumer-brand interactions were corporate speak for human connection. Fast-forward to today’s language, this “connection” translates into meaningful brand engagement.

Brad’s “aha” moment helped him shape our first genesis as a kick-ass, field-staffing agency. Today we are a proudly independent, award-winning, experiential marketing agency, placing people and their passions at the heart of everything we do.

So why the red peg you may ask? Contrary to popular belief, it’s got nothing to do with squares and holes. You can thank the classic Hasbro game, Battleship, for our catchy moniker. You know the one with lots of white pegs, and if you’re lucky, the red peg that finds its way in? Yup, that’s us.

Through data, insight and strategy, we bypass the plethora of “ok” ideas to identify and deliver the most relevant and creatively engaging solutions for whatever the brand and business challenge. This is our story, so far…

Brand Marketing Promise Bracelets

Our Promise

At RedPeg, we create magic.

We are the creators of extraordinary experiences that delight and inspire, and instantly make an impact.

We make engaging and we make effective.

We get the need for measurable ROI and KPIs, and for upward curves in sales and social numbers, sooner rather than later.

We want to make every experience mean more:

  • to create events that make a real significance in people’s lives
  • to help people feel a deeper connection with a brand
  • to turn those connections into memories that resonate long after

Let’s make every experience leave a lasting impression.

Let’s make it mean more.