RedPeg Logo

Our Mission is to promote the multicultural experience at RedPeg by encouraging inclusivity and diverse perspectives at each level of the organization. We are committed to providing mentorship and professional development to our members and uniting all who share our core values.


Our Vision involves a continued increase in external engagement through community service initiatives and collaboration with ERG’s of outside brands/agencies and professional development and mentorship within our community.

The strength of our ERG revolves around the use of our voice by ERG members and trust with Senior Leadership within RedPeg. This combination led to a committed effort, led by Senior Leadership but owned by the entire agency, to make tangible improvements to DE&I within the RedPeg company culture. The foundation to those improvements was laid in 2021, but ROC will continue to lead efforts in using our voice to push forward ongoing improvements and initiatives within RedPeg.


ROC drives cultural change through stimulating open discussion within the office to provide education to ALL employees of RedPeg and quarterly community service initiatives that help lift our surrounding community. Increased visibility of our efforts in 2022 and beyond will lead to increased visibility/awareness of our efforts, and hopefully increased participation in our future initiatives.


Read ROC’s Open Letter to the RedPeg Senior Leadership Team (SLT) here.