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At RedPeg, we have a mantra that goes beyond mere words on a wall; it’s a way of life. The ‘One Team’ philosophy is the driving force behind our success, fostering a unique workplace culture that celebrates unity, collaboration, and a shared vision. In this blog, we’ll delve into what ‘One Team’ means at RedPeg and how it’s transformed our company.

The ‘One Team’ Philosophy at RedPeg


‘One Team’ is not just a catchy slogan at RedPeg; it’s woven into the very fabric of our organization. We don’t see ourselves as mere colleagues working side by side; we are a closely-knit team moving together towards a common goal. This philosophy transcends individual roles and departments, uniting us under a shared purpose.

Our success is a testament to the power of this unity. Every team member at RedPeg plays a vital role, and we understand that we are stronger together than apart. Trust, reliance on each other’s strengths, and celebrating each other’s achievements are fundamental to our culture. It’s this sense of unity that has allowed us to achieve extraordinary results for our partners.

Leadership is not reserved for a select few at RedPeg. Our ‘One Team’ mentality encourages every member to take on leadership roles when necessary. We empower our team to inspire and guide their colleagues. Weekly internal Learning and Development programs help us collectively share our experiences to enhance each other’s leadership and communication skills, creating a cohesive team chemistry. Led by our Head of Learning and Development, this staunch program has elevated and enhanced the core skills of our team where the theory of our teachings are put into practice every single day.

Accountability is a shared responsibility, fostering a culture of learning from our mistakes and supporting each other’s growth. We believe that accountability is not just about addressing negative occurrences; we also celebrate each success our teammates achieve through a variety of employee recognition programs. When errors occur, we see these as opportunities to get better; these opportunities are seen as acts of kindness, appreciating that our teammates only want what’s best for us and our clients.

In the dynamic world of experiential marketing, challenges are inevitable. RedPeg’s ‘One Team’ approach equips us to face these challenges with resilience and innovation. We thrive on collective problem-solving, adaptability, and the ability to pivot when necessary. This mentality ensures that we continue to deliver exceptional experiences, regardless of the obstacles we encounter.

Join us in embracing the ‘One Team’ spirit. For more information on how to unify your team under a shared vision and aligned values utilizing our Learning and Development programs, click here.