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Great Teams Are Built. Not Formed.

Our Approach


Bring curriculum to life with brand synergy and audience relevancy in mind


Use experiential tactics to transform learning from passive to active


Provide ongoing interactive tools and resources to ensure that impact is carried through long-term

With the rate of employee engagement undergoing a major decline for the first time in a decade, RedPeg is leveraging its expertise in creating experiences to foster personal and professional growth amongst employees to improve connection to their work and company culture. Through revolutionary learning & development programs that fuse experiential and cognitive learning, we create greater impact amongst teams.

Tailored programs built in various formats to align specifically with a company’s mission and values

1:1 Consultation

Executive Coaching

Keynote Speeches

Curriculum Development

Experiential Team Building

Panel Curation and Facilitation

Leadership and Team Cohesion

Culture Playbook Development

Nic Grey

With a distinguished 14-year career in the British Army, Nic Grey is fueled by an unwavering passion for leadership. A seasoned Military Instructor in various fields, he has collaborated closely with esteemed agencies like Mi5, Mi6, and the Special Weapons Branch of the British Police, significantly contributing to the fields of Weapons and Leadership/Team Cohesion.

Now an accomplished Executive Coach, Nic takes immense pride in elevating the leadership and communication skills of professionals seeking constant enhancement. He has partnered with numerous corporations as well as Collegiate and Professional Sports Teams, providing counseling on leadership, team cohesion, personnel, recruitment, retention, and operational excellence.

To complement his wealth of experience, Nic holds master’s degrees in leadership and organizational management, as well as teaching and education.

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