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Joes, Meet Pros

Since 2015, we’ve worked with GEICO to embed the brand in the gaming community. In 2018, our biggest year yet, we gave amateur gamers the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to take on the professionals. At PAX East, we hosted a “Joes vs Pros” Hearthstone competition with GEICO Gaming, pinning eight professional gamers against 64 amateurs for the chance to win a piece of the $10K pie.

Thousands of people crowded around to watch in-person, while more than 30K gamers streamed the action live online. In fact, thanks to the tournament, GEICO Gaming became the fastest-growing Hearthstone stream on Twitch in April 2018. In the end, we saw more than 16.4MM minutes watched. We’d say that’s a win.

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Victorian England via San Diego

Short of becoming a character in your favorite video, perhaps the next best way to experience an imaginary world is to live it. We provided this fantasy to 40K Comic-Con goers by bringing Assassin’s Creed to life, transforming the streets of San Diego into Victorian England.

For three days, fans could engage with an American Ninja-like course, complete with replica streets of London and cosplayers. More than 40K-square-feet allowed participants to reenact a leap of faith in real life (a well-known game play move), and experience the world and sounds of Assassin’s Creed first-hand. Parties, VIP experiences, and an extensive PR campaign completed the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Experience.
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Goodbye virtual goodies, hello real-life prizes

In March 2018, Amazon set out to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry with the launch of GameOn, API technology that allows developers to add competitions to mobile games. With the launch, mobile gamers could compete in esports-like tournaments and win real prizes (fulfilled by Amazon) for the first time ever. In April, it was our job to launch the technology.

We started with PAX East, a four-day event attracting 80K gamers from around the world. To highlight Amazon’s prize fulfillment, we built a physical loot box that dispensed winnings every hour — a real-life upgrade to the virtual loot box that gamers are accustomed to.

Over the course of four days, players racked up more than 12K scores and generated 1.2MM online impressions. Further, those who started playing couldn’t stop. Each player who joined the GameOn PAX experience played in over two full tournaments. We also hosted one epic dance party, but that’s neither here nor there.

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Bringing the Games to Life

In collaboration with Square Enix, we brought their newest and most anticipated game titles to life over two years.

In 2015, we transformed the Square Enix footprint into a must-see destination, featuring everything from ziplines and foam pits for Deus Ex and Just Case 3 to shooting ranges and gun-assembly stations for Hitman. We drove instant buzz, resulting in 86% of total sales before the games had even launched.

In year two, we introduced cutting-edge social technologies to truly enhance fans’ experiences. To launch Rise of the Tomb Raider, we positioned cameras at the top of a glacial rock-climbing wall and created custom GIFs for each fan. For Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, we built an inflatable bungee run and used slow-mo cameras to capture fans as they ran down the track with a laser gun, mimicking the popular Icarus Dash. For the second year in a row, the lines never died down; we engaged 8K+ attendees, and finished the weekend with total mentions up 439% YoY from previous Comic-Cons. We say that’s a game well-played.


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Not Your Average Block Party

Warner Brothers LEGO Dimensions is a LEGO lovers’ dream come true, filled with action, adventure, and exciting new characters.

To launch the game to adults and kids alike, we created an interactive experience that gave players a glimpse into the game at the touch of their fingertips. At Comic-Con 2015, we threw the ultimate launch party to kick-off our LEGO Dimensions game tour, complete with life-sized LEGO builds, a first-of-its-kind conductive paint-based touch wall and, of course, opportunities to try out the game. We custom-built a swanky lounge and stocked it with LEGO creations that made the perfect photo opp. The game officially hit the market at the end of September 2015 to the delight of LEGO devotees everywhere, but only a select few can say they attended the party. The only thing missing was the cake…


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