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THE PULSE: Recent Top Reads, Jun. 2023

The Pulse is committed to staying on top of meaningful marketing trends, and June’s most-read articles shine a light on brands that are investing in larger-than-life activations. From United Airlines’ innovation lab to Nike’s new immersive experience in Fortnite, check out our recap below.

TREND REPORT: When Different Realities Collide

Reality-changing experiences offer innovative ways to connect with consumers seamlessly across a variety of different mediums. Major companies like Nike and McDonald’s have already taken advantage of these innovations. In each instance, the use of extended reality served to wow audiences and increase engagement during the activations. In this month’s trend report, we explore how brands can leverage these immersive technologies to better connect with and provide greater value to consumers. 

When Different Realities Collide

The pandemic created a significant shift in how consumers want to enjoy experiences. As we move away from the restrictions caused by the pandemic, we’re seeing an increase in both the adoption and diversity in different forms of reality-changing tech experiences, either in isolation or in tandem with real-world experiences. In this Direct Hit, we explore the landscape of alternate reality technologies and how brands are using them to connect to consumers. 

THE PULSE: Recent Top Reads, May 2023

The Pulse is committed to staying on top of meaningful marketing trends, and May’s most-read articles showed how brands across industries are engaging with impassioned communities. From a Pride-inspired gaming campaign to a Transformers-takeover of Las Vegas, check out our recap below!

TREND REPORT: Using Artificial Intelligence Ethically  

Artificial intelligence is an undeniably revolutionary tool, and, with its ability to enable efficiency and increase revenue, it’s no surprise companies across all industries are excited about incorporating AI into their business functions. However, there are numerous concerns that arise with the widespread use of AI.

Avoiding the AI-Pocalypse: Using Artificial Intelligence Ethically

The advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), and its usage has grown exponentially around the globe. The adoption of AI by brands across different industries is increasing at a rapid rate. As one of the last remaining trusted institutions by the general public, brands have a heavy responsibility to carefully and safely navigate this new technological landscape