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Introducing: PINNED by RedPeg

November 15, 2022
The RedPeg Team

Marketing pros, experiential gurus, innovators, creators — hello!  

If we’ve met before, it’s good to see you. If we haven’t, we’re RedPeg Marketing, an independent experiential marketing agency. Across physical and digital touchpoints, we strike chords that spark and strengthen relationships between brands and their target audiences.  

Does that sound like something you need help with or that you’re working toward? You’re in the right place.  

Introducing: PINNED by RedPeg, an all-in-one access point for the most innovative trends and inspired takes in experiential marketing. Here, we’ll be putting a pin in the most essential industry updates to help you stay up-to-speed.  

We know there’s a lot of content out there, so we’re striving to go beyond the average marketing agency blog. Here’s what you can expect from PINNED:   

  • Impactful updates and hot takes across the experiential, creative, digital, and branding spaces  
  • Timely thought leadership from marketing experts  
  • Short-and-sweet snapshots of the industry with our weekly brand insights newsletter, The Pulse 
  • Insightful analysis, recommendations, and deep dives into current trends with our monthly report, The Direct Hit 
  • Regular conversations on the evolving world of experiential marketing from our podcast, Experientially Speaking 
  • Cutting-edge work coming from our own team at RedPeg  

With PINNED, you’ll get the same commitment to excellence and innovation. We’re excited to share the latest and greatest with you here!  

Check back in on What We Think to keep up with PINNED by RedPeg.  

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