Welcome to RedTalks, a series of perspectives and insights on brand engagement during and beyond COVID-19. From leaning into compassionate leadership to a look at sports without fans, the essential role of culture to what’s really at the heart of innovation, our team shares their thoughts and tips for this “business as unusual” world we find ourselves in today.

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EPISODE TWO: In this episode you’ll meet Eric Hansen, our COO/CFO and overall culture leader who ensures that connection with our people and their mental well being always come first today and tomorrow.






Some might say being called the voice of reason is a bit vanilla, or at best a “meh” description. Not us. Being known as RedPeg’s “Voice of Reason” is a true gift that our President John Piester literally oozes in spades and a value we all hold dear.

Listen to his views on leading our team through these challenging times and see why we chose this particular uber title for him…