This summer, we were lucky to add 12 new Pegsters to our crew, including Virginia Tech student, Amanda Tinkleman. We recently snagged a moment to chat with her on her experience as the Digital/Social Intern, her newfound love of experiential marketing, and all things RedPeg. Here’s what she had to say:

How would you describe RedPeg to a friend?

RedPeg is fun and exciting––basically it’s the company you want to be at. They balance the work-hard-play-hard mentality perfectly, executing cool activations for great clients, all while having a good time.

What was a typical day like for you in the social/marketing department?

For me, a typical day began with a quick follow-up with my manager on things she needed help with and tasks she wanted me to handle on my own. From that meeting, I’d make a to-do list of everything I needed to accomplish for the day, and jump right in.

I got to work on many different projects during my time at RedPeg, but the coolest project I had a hand in involved creating an interactive fan quiz for one of RedPeg’s top clients. Picking out images, writing show blurbs, and creating content for the quiz results were fun, but the best part was seeing the quiz go live on the website.

What are some of your biggest learnings from the summer?

I learned that the first round of a project is rarely the final one. No matter how much time or effort you put into something, it’s okay to go through one, or two (or five) rounds of edits. Nothing is perfect the first time.

Personally, I also learned that I actually like fast-paced agency life. Summer was the perfect time to be at RedPeg — everything moves so quickly. But, it was exciting to see client activations come to life, and since it was such a busy time, there was always something I could help with. I was able to take full advantage.

How do you feel your education at Virginia Tech prepared you for this opportunity?

Pursuing a dual-degree in Marketing Management and Professional & Technical Writing helped me to feel pretty prepared for this internship. So far, I’ve had classes in professional writing and digital marketing, both of which came in handy for my role as an intern. At VT, I also work with a student-run marketing firm, PRISM, through the Pamplin College of Business. That opportunity helped provide me with real-world agency experience that I easily transferred to this internship.

How have your career plans changed due to your internship experience?

Rather than changing my career plans, RedPeg actually reaffirmed my interest in working for a marketing agency after graduation. My internship also made me realize that I really like working in experiential marketing, in addition to digital marketing.

What would your uber title be, and why?

My uber title would have to be “The Quiet Storm.” My fellow interns came up with it during the final days of my internship. According to them, when I’m in the zone, I get my work done quietly, well, and timely.

Similarly, what would your memento be, and why?

My memento would be my small Swiss flag. I spent the spring semester of my junior year making Lugano, Switzerland my home. I traveled to 13 different countries and 22 different cities, and I loved every minute of it. I can’t wait to go back to Lugano and continue my traveling adventures.

What’s your interpretation of “making it mean more”?

Making it mean more, to me, means going above and beyond. It’s about understanding what the client and the audience want, and pulling on that information to leave a lasting impression.

Any final thoughts for prospective RedPeg interns?

Interning at RedPeg was one of the best ways I’ve spent my summers. I learned so much, had the opportunity to work with so many exciting clients, and actually felt like a contributing member of the RedPeg family from day one. I would highly recommend interning with RedPeg if you want to feel at home, be excited for each day, and learn some pretty cool new things. Who wouldn’t want that?