Just as fall is a time for new beginnings, it’s also a time of reflection. For RedPeg, it’s an opportunity to reminisce on a summer filled with successful live experiences, team kick-offs and dynamic intern talent. This summer, we were excited to bring on 12 new team members as interns, contractors and part-time associates, including SUNY Albany graduate, Cyle Ham.

We were particularly proud in offering Cyle a full-time position with RedPeg, in transition from his production internship role. Over the summer, Cyle used his forward thinking from his Urban Planning major to show us his take on how people interact with our spaces. He’s a go-getter, and we’re thrilled he’s signed on as a full-time Pegster.

What was a typical day like for you in production?

I don’t believe a typical day really existed for me this summer. RedPeg is a company that helps bring imagination to life, and luckily I had the chance to be a part of that.

As a production intern, every day was different. Things are constantly changing, everything from events, people, plans, and assets. I realized that my schedule as an intern actually runs parallel to a full-time producer!

How did your internship match your expectations OR how was your internship different from what you expected?

For once, I wasn’t treated like a normal intern, but instead as an experienced member of the team. I was fortunate enough to go off-site in order to see exactly what RedPeg does for its clients. The off-site experience came in handy when people referred to assets, spoke about a project build, or discussed why certain premiums go to certain events. Heading into the field really helped me to learn, full-circle.

While attending SUNY Albany in New York, I majored in Urban and Regional Planning, and minored in Geography. It didn’t directly relate to what I do now, but I did learn how to interpret what people felt and how they interacted in spaces, cityscapes and project locations. Within my internship and now as a full-time employee, I can use those instincts when evaluating designs and layouts of footprints — everything from how foot traffic flows to how clients want people to feel or interact with our setups.

What did you learn most about yourself during your internship experience?

My internship taught me that I can do anything I set out to do. Even without much experience, I still felt as though I could contribute to a positive progression in the company. I went from feeling like I didn’t know my next step to feeling like a true member of the team, equally sharing thoughts and ideas. Now, I have the desire to help push the company further.

As an intern, you don’t always get the biggest or most exciting tasks. But if you keep an open mind and listen to what’s being taught, you can gain some valuable experience!

What was the coolest thing you worked on while at RedPeg?

The coolest thing I worked on this summer was the MLB All-Star game “Dugout” activation. This game has been a bucket-list event for me since I was little. Being at the stadium early and setting up was awesome, but what I really loved was interacting with people when I took their picture in our custom dugout footprint.

At the game, I was also able to fill out a Stand Up to Cancer card with my uncle’s name on it. Because of my experience with RedPeg, I got to stand in a crowd of over 50,000 people honoring their loved ones affected with cancer. It was a moment I’ll never forget, and it’s all thanks to my internship.

What would your uber title be, and why? Similarly, what would your memento be, and why?

My uber title would probably be “Mr. Go-Getter” because I’ve proven to myself and others that I can get the job done. As far as a memento, I would pick something Batman-related.

What’s your interpretation of “making it mean more”?

I think “making it mean more” is a very true and important slogan for RedPeg, as we provide experiences that resonate with the client and the consumer. To me, it means that by putting more thought and effort into what our footprints do to consumers,  the experiences we create remain everlasting and unforgettable. The clients are happy, and the consumers leave inspired. It’s a win-win.