Why Aren’t More Brands In Gaming Space?

Gaming is officially a $43 billion industry. Still, non-endemic brands are still nervous to take the leap into this industry — and they are seriously missing out on an untapped audience.

For brands looking to reach these new audiences and build lasting relationships with consumers, the below takeaways should help focus their efforts to achieve maximum impact:

Fight the misconceptions. Education should always be the first step. Brands looking to expand their marketing efforts into the gaming industry should approach it holistically — not like other traditional sports sponsorships. Laying out an understanding of the landscape, where the industry has come from and where it’s going, provides insight into how a specific brand can get involved.

The equivalent of slapping a logo around a sports stadium does not have the same effect on fans in the gaming space. With this expansive audience, different genres, and dramatic variety within each platform, understanding how to segment and utilize the right platform for your brand is crucial.


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