This summer, we welcomed seven interns into our RedPeg family. These weren’t just your typical coffee-getting interns—they shook up the office, brought innovative ideas to the table, and helped us lift off some pretty cool campaigns.

We sat down with them to hear firsthand what a summer at RedPeg was like and what advice they have for potential interns.


So… why RedPeg?

“In December, I won Women of RedPeg’s WoR on the Glass Ceiling Scholarship. It was such an honor and allowed me to meet the employees of RedPeg and tour the office. The experience piqued my interest in the company, so I applied for an internship!”

Emily Gorey, Social Media & Digital Strategy Intern, University of Maryland


“When I was in high school, I worked with RedPeg’s CEO Brad on a program with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, of which RedPeg was the corporate sponsor. I remember thinking about how much fun the office seemed and told myself I would try and work there one day.

Eden Gray, Chance for Life Intern,  Indiana University Bloomington


How would you describe RedPeg to a friend?

“There’s definitely a light-hearted vibe and everyone seems to be in a good mood. Obviously, there are times when work is stressful, but everyone seems to genuinely enjoy coming to work.”

Mark Pankowski, Venues & Sponsorship Intern, the University of Maryland

“You can tell you’re in a creative environment. Everyone is extremely welcoming and passionate about what they do here. I also love how family-oriented it is —there are so many outings and social aspects.

Angelita Pollard, Talent Intern, University of Maryland

“Everyone here is passionate about what they’re doing and they’re happy to come to work every day. I think that’s something that’s so important nowadays.”

Jake Murray, Business Development Intern, University of Dayton


What is a typical day like in your department?

“Chance for Life jumps all around. Right now, we’re working on partnerships for our September campaign. We’re also ramping up for the main event in February. So it goes from events to excel docs to meetings. There’s really no typical day,”

— Eden

“There’s no typical day. One day I was assembling Halloween kits for a client and the next I was in a Christmas-themed video for a pitch. Not even in my wildest dreams did I think I would be wearing Christmas pajamas to work and filming a Christmas video in July.”

— Janine Pearring, Client Services Intern, Virginia Tech


What are some of your biggest learnings from the summer?

“You have to stay on top of all the little details, as every element of an activation or experience requires so much communication within the departments.“

— Mark

“I’ve been really lucky, as I got to work with a small team on Chance for Life. It allowed me to be super involved and really learned all aspects of a business, which I was not expecting going into this summer.”

— Eden

“I’ve learned how valuable the client relationships are and how much one person can bring to the table. I’ve also taken away from my work how important it is to hire the right people. There’s an art to asking the right questions.”

Drew Otto, Employee Experience Intern, George Washington University


How would you describe the company culture at RedPeg?

“In one word: dogs. But also, it’s such a collaborative and creative space that it helps create this environment where everybody is friendly, knows each other, and respects each others’ opinions. You never feel like ‘just an intern’ – you feel like a part of the team.”

— Emily

“Celebratory, but hard-working. Collaborative. Forward-thinking. People make sure to take time for themselves.”

— Drew

“Powered by badass women. I came in expecting to learn from people with a lot of different experience, but I did not expect to be working under so many amazing women. Between my managers, Women of RedPeg, and more, I feel like women definitely have their seat at the table and I see it in action every day here.”

— Janine


How has your internship affected your career plans?

“When I first applied to the internship, I applied for Client Services, thinking that lined up best with my skillset. But HR saw something different and hired me for the Talent Department.  Now that I’m here, I realize that I have a number of skills that are applicable to Talent and I’ve really expanded my horizons of what I see myself doing.”

– Angelita

“Before RedPeg, I had no agency experience, which is part of the reason why I wanted to do this internship. I love it here and really like agency life. It’s different every single day and you never know what to expect when you come into the office”

– Jake


What would your memento be, and why?

“ A cup of cold brew and a live animal, probably a snake, because I love having energy and I love animals”

— Mark

“I would try to hold my dog, even though he’s an 85 lb black lab”

— Eden

“A globe because I’m a huge traveler and I love languages.”

— Drew


What’s your interpretation of “making it mean more”?

“I think it has a lot to do with how collaborative RedPeg is and our ability to explore everyone’s strengths to take something that’s really simple and make it really powerful.

— Emily

“RedPeg would never just stop after the first idea. You’re constantly brainstorming and researching, making sure what you’re landing on is really original and hitting the mark.”

— Drew


Any advice for prospective RedPeg interns?

“Explore all of the different departments. Speak up in meetings (though don’t take them over) and have confidence. You were picked to be there for a reason.”

— Emily

“Get used to not getting used to anything. I do something completely different every day and I love it.”

— Janine

“Get involved! Coming into a close-knit office can be intimidating, but jump right in and start participating in the tons of activities RedPeg throws. Everyone’s really nice and genuinely wants to get to know you.”

— Eden

“Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond. If you go in with an open mind and are willing to tackle anything, you have a better opportunity of learning.”

— Angelita

“Make sure to keep reaching out. Though people are busy, they’re very open to working with you.”

— Drew

“Give it your all and don’t forget to network. There are so many smart and well-connected people here who care about your success as an intern.”

— Jake


Though we are sad to see our Summer Class of 2019 Interns leave, we are excited to see what their futures hold. We’re currently looking for our fall intern class, so if you’re interested head over to to apply.


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