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Culture of Caring : Impactful Initiatives That Keep Employees Invested

Today’s workforce wants more out of their jobs than a 9-to-5 to punch in and out of. Fostering a positive workplace not only helps to attract talent, it’s also key in driving engagement and impacting happiness and overall job satisfaction.

So, how can executives create a culture of caring for their employees? Here are some tips I have gleaned along the road towards a culture I am proud to impact.

Allow everyone to make an impact. Every person within a company, at every level, should be given the opportunity to make an impact on the overarching corporate culture. Give them a voice and reward initiative when it’s actually taken.

This is an ideal that should be brought up as early as the interview and onboarding process, and from a hiring perspective, should be characteristics that are taken into account when recruiting for every single role. Do their eyes light up when discussing the potential to make a real difference? Or are they already moving onto the next question? Hiring a team of people who are determined and dedicated to designing a corporate culture that works are the people who are going to thrive within your team.


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