The COVID-19 pandemic has sent millions of people into quarantine around the globe, with stay-at-home orders shuttering business, offices, and public gatherings. But doing your part and staying home may have you feeling a little claustrophobic about all the items you’ve accumulated and are now surrounded by. Thinking it’s time to tackle those reorganization projects around the house but not sure where to start? To help you clear the clutter and get things in order, we’ve consulted the experts to come up with the most brilliant organizing tips for your home during quarantine. Get ready for your space to feel as good as new!

1. Get your beauty products under control.

Building a new skincare regimen usually takes a fair bit of trial and error. Unfortunately, that also means your home is likely bursting at the seams with bottles and tubes of products that you don’t even use.

“Not only do new lotions, colognes, and make-up all add up over time, but they can also go bad over time,” says certified professional organizer Amy Trager. She suggests collecting everything from your bathroom, bedroom, and wherever else they’ve landed, grouping like items together, and then making decisions about what you can toss. “From there, decide which categories should live where and if any containers or trays are needed to corral items coherently in drawers or on countertops,” Trager says. “If it helps, you can measure your storage spaces and likely shop for containers right from home.”

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