FreddaHurwitz2-brand engagement marketing agencyFull-time job with a high level of responsibility? Check.

Single parent of two? Check.

Child on the spectrum? Check.

Cute, but very angst-ridden dog? Check.

Moving houses during a pandemic? Check.

Mastered at-home schooling for a freshman in high school during lockdown? Cue bottle of wine being opened…

If it wasn’t challenging enough trying your very hardest to be a patient and present parent before the world flung a faceless disease at you when your child is on the spectrum (with the extra added bonus ADHD), let’s try throwing in a few extra layers on top –– then you really start to question your sanity.

I’m no stranger to stress. I currently lead the marketing for an independent brand engagement agency. And I’ve been extremely fortunate over the years to have held a number of global senior positions working with and for some great brands, agencies, organizations and people. But no corporate role has prepared me for what it would take to be a CMO and a single parent amid a pandemic.

Given how many hours we’re all sitting in front of our screens Zooming, Teaming, Chiming, Housepartying and then some, this whole WFH scenario has definitely provided an extraordinary amount of positive and negative outcomes, in equal measure for moms at home.

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