Each year, Women of RedPeg (WoR) is proud to support two women who are committed to give back and make a difference in their local collegiate communities. The “WoR on the Glass Ceiling Scholarship” recipient isn’t your typical college student. She leverages her talent to uplift her peers and understands the importance of giving back to her community.

Recently, we sat down with one of last year’s scholarship winners, Emily Gorey. Emily is a rising senior at University of Maryland (UMD), where she studies marketing and studio art. Lucky for us, she’s also our Digital & Social Media Intern for the summer. Emily’s powerful video on the negative affects underrepresentation of women in leadership positions has on future generations stood out to us. Read on to see why she was a clear choice for last year’s “WoR on the Glass Ceiling Scholarship.”


Where did you get your inspiration for your project?

I heard about the scholarship from a professor at University of Maryland and was immediately inspired to start conducting research on campus. I love my school, but very quickly saw where we were coming up short. For example, of the 14 University Deans, only three are women. Additionally, in the school’s 163 years of existence, there have been no female Presidents. I started to wonder what impact this may have on the current students, i.e. the future generation of leaders. And from there my project was born!


So, what exactly is your plan for addressing these issues?

My proposal, aka the “Have Your Say Campaign” revolves around initiating a recurring “Women’s Week” that will celebrate women throughout the fall semester. Each month, a department within the school will host events intended to enhance women’s voices on campus. For example, the Smith School of Business and UMD Career Center will join together to host Women’s Workshops that help women on campus prepare for their careers with educational workshops on interview skills, personal branding, and tips for negotiating for a fair salary. It’s a lot to pull off, but I’m so lucky that WoR is giving me a mentor so we can work together to figure out how to pull my plan off. It’s definitely ambitious.


How have you grown through this scholarship?

The research alone was impactful. It opened my eyes to the current status of gender equality and made me see my own school through a different lens. However, because of my project, I am also excited to get back to school and start making an impact.

The scholarship also provided me with another benefit: it introduced me to a great company. Now, I’m interning here at RedPeg, which I absolutely love. I’ve learned so much in the past month and I’m excited to continue growing through the internship, the scholarship, and all of my connections with RedPeg.


What advice do you have for WoR Scholarship Applicants?

The classic college advice is to not procrastinate, and it is a lot of work so definitely split it up. Second, choose something your passionate about and throw yourself into it. Finally, don’t forget to learn along the way. WoR’s ultimate mission is for you to teach yourself about the current issues facing today’s women, then mentor you on how to help tackle them on large-scale. I’m looking forward to implementing the project and seeing the results, and hopefully making my campus a bit of a better place.


We’re excited to support Emily as she implements her plan this fall. Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for updates on Emily’s project. We’re currently looking for our next two visionaries for this year’s scholarship—show us why you’re the one here