Influencer marketing is nothing new. From YouTube to Instagram, and everything in between, brands have been partnering with influencers for years to elevate their products and services to their dedicated—and most importantly, trusting—fanbases. But there is a whole other market out there in terms of social influencers, that marketers have yet to completely grasp.

All hail the gamers

gaming influencersStreamers are pulling in $20,000-$500,000 a month from subscriptions and donations, which means they’ve figured out how to monetize their communities.

For brands looking to get the biggest bang for their buck in terms of influencers, the world of gaming influencers is still a relatively untapped resource, especially for non-endemic brands looking to make deeper connections with their customers.

For example, content creators and professional streamers such as DrDisrespect, Pokimane, and Dr. Lupo—are partnering with major non-endemic brands like Gillette, All State, and Postmates, to bring an authentic voice through entertainment and ultimately drive brand affinity to their millions of followers.

Partnering with gamers is providing marketers with a huge opportunity. But working with players is a different game than partnering with traditional social media influencers, and there are several things that should be kept top of mind to authentically interact with consumers.

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