It’s common to hear about the importance of customer experience. When your customers are happy, your business is happy.

But have you considered there’s another reason why it’s important to have good customer service in your business? It turns out that investing in shoring up your customer service strategy now can help improve your business prospects for the future.

To help your business make moves now to help future-proof your business in any economic climate, check out the following tips. Advice from these two leaders just might help you kick your own customer service efforts into overdrive.

The Value of Customer Service

Harry Poole is the vice president of client services at Washington, D.C.-based RedPeg, a brand experience marketing agency. His company invests heavily in the overall client relationship, moving technology to the back burner while other businesses might have put tech at the forefront.

“We can’t become overly reliant on technology,” he says, “regardless of how much easier technology has made things. We’ve really made it a priority to be present with our clients and develop human connections and relationships through as much face time as possible.”

The real value of customer service comes from clients seeing businesses they engage with as partners, not vendors. That implies a deep relationship where companies make an effort to learn about their clients’ businesses on every level.


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