A recent Fortune article noted that U.S. workers are increasingly worried about the potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to negatively impact their jobs. Forrester projects AI will wipe out 29 percent of all U.S. jobs while creating the equivalent of only 13 percent. The speed at which technology is evolving may well be faster than our ability to pivot job functions. If you aren’t thinking about how it may impact your field, do your research now or run the risk of being jobless in a few years’ time.

As a brand strategist, I have seen how AI and machine learning have inserted themselves into daily marketing functions over the past decade. I’ve had the benefit of working with multiple platforms that leverage machine learning to deliver insightful data that Fortune 500 clients can utilize in setting strategies. For example, social listening tools have gone from being able to analyze sentiment to defining the emotion associated with posts; from understanding general audience demographics to segmenting various audiences discussing a topic and detailing the personality of each segment by tapping into IBM Watson, accelerating research and discovery through the AI application. Personality insights are generated based on the psychology of language in combination with data analytics algorithms that analyzes the content of users’ posts. The technology then returns a personality profile for the author of the input based on the Big Five personality, needs, and values. This guides strategy implementation.

Machine learning can now evaluate results faster than ever, assessing whether consumers are behaving as anticipated based on the strategies employed. Right or wrong, the data lets us test, model, revise and optimize until we’re satisfied with the outcomes. There is no question that these developments have proven valuable in delivering ROI to brands, but they don’t replace the human behind the machine. There are still so many functions a strategist will continue to utilize where AI can’t act alone. An individual must still set-up a query to ensure they are “listening” to the right conversations. An individual will still need to make the determination of what strategy to select in order to best impact the set objectives and bottom line.


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