Perhaps the only thing better than watching a movie is living one


Cut through the clutter to maximize impact of the brand’s sponsorship of the Sundance Film Festival.



Connect event goers to the movies Francis Ford Coppola produced and also viewed as best in class.

What We Did

» Immersed guests into a live movie set called “Club Coppola” paying homage to his film “The Red Stain” by recreating an underground Italian boxing scene complete with in-character performers and an opportunity for guests to take a personalized knockout photo. 

» Devised, produced, and managed multiple VIP experiences, includiing venue identification and permit procurement, all where wines could be sampled throughout the festival.

» Built a unique 8′ x 12′ art installation of the “Jaws” movie poster made exclusively from wine corks, celebrating Coppola’s wine inspired by the film.

» Garnered compelling coverage from key outlets and amplification from celebrities to reach over 400,000 people.