An experience served ice kühl


Shift taste perceptions through brand education boosting long term sales in key designated markets.



Highlight the ingredients of the spirit, showcase how Jägermeister is the best served, and encourage moments of Prost (German for “cheers”), by getting liquid to lips.

What We Did

» Created a game to introduce consumers to 6 of the most prolific tasting notes in the mysterious 56 ingredients formula, allowing them to pull out flavor profiles in the drink.

» Produced a stunning life-sized geometric stag, accompanied by a mysterious ice queen Huntress (Jager means hunter) to educate consumers that the aperitif is best served (“ice kühl” at exactly -18°C) serving samples on an ice-cold dish, with a thermometer demonstrating the perfect temperature.

» Encouraged photos with Jägermeister snapchat filter to amplify the experience and create memorable moments to Prost.

» Distributed over 97,000 samples across 22 markets.