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Privacy Policy

Last Revised: August 2022

RedPeg Marketing (“RedPeg Marketing” or “RedPeg” or “we”, or “our” or “us”) creates and distributes The Pulse weekly newsletters and The Direct Hit monthly trend reports (the “Services”). We are committed to maintaining privacy for the users of these Services. 

The below Privacy Policy is intended to inform our users of our policies and practices related to these Services, and the collection, use and disclosure of any Personal Information collected from recipients.  

By subscribing to receive The Pulse and/or The Direct hit, you are accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy. 

What Personal Information do we collect? 

When subscribing for any Services provided by RedPeg Marketing and distributed via email, you will be asked to provide your email, first name, and last name. You may also be asked to share your company name and/or postal code. 

How do we use this Personal Information? 

Submitted Personal Information will be used to deliver the recurring Services you subscribed to, such as The Pulse weekly newsletter and/or The Direct Hit monthly trend report. 

Your Personal Information may also be used by representatives of RedPeg Marketing in business development efforts, in the context of list-based emails and/or one-to-one outreach.  

Will Personal Information be shared with any third parties? 

Personal Information associated with these Services will be maintained by RedPeg Marketing in our Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) platform. All metrics related to email-based Services are tracked and maintained in our CRM — including but not limited to open rates, click-through rates, and other engagement behaviors.  

For users visiting any page on the website, additional on-site data is tracked and maintained by RedPeg Marketing. 

All Personal Information may be used or distributed across departments within RedPeg Marketing. We will not sell or distribute your Personal Information to outside parties.  

How can users unsubscribe from these Services? 

Users can opt-out of receiving The Pulse and/or The Direct Hit by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of an associated email. 

You may contact with any questions or concerns related to these terms.