CFL-1-RedPeg Experiential Marketing Agency

Gambling and Philanthropy — not your everyday headline, right?

In 2003, our CEO faced difficult news: his two-year-old goddaughter was fighting an aggressive spinal cord tumor. Desperate to help, Brad and RedPeg set out to do what they knew best — create a memorable experience that would drive action in their hometown. To ensure standout in a city saturated with causes and galas, we needed to completely reimagine our hook and deliver something fun, interactive, and most importantly, impactful.

Introducing Chance for Life, Washington D.C.’s first part-charity, part-concert, part-gourmet food tasting from D.C.’s top chefs. What started off as poker evening for 50 people held in a Georgetown home, has since transformed into a 2,000 person, annual District-wide celebration of life. What’s more? To date, Chance for Life has raised a whopping $4.2MM to support pediatric cancer research, with the past three years showing double-digit growth. What’s next? Watch this space as we unveil what 2019 has in store for this great cause.

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