Biggest Fan Tour

For almost 40 years, DISH Network has provided advanced technology and service to TV users across the U.S., even in the smallest of towns. In 2018, DISH wanted to strengthen their consumer “connection” with small town inhabitants with a tour that celebrated the fans and retailers themselves.

The solution? The DISH Biggest Fan Tour. With a focus on rural towns, we created an interactive, mobile pop-up experience that toured state fairs and local DISH retail locations throughout the country. To get the fans engaged, we partnered with NBCUniversal to feature major network shows, challenging fans (both online and on-site) to prove their obsession for the chance to win. The prize?  An ultimate fan experience, custom per winner, that would immerse fans into the worlds of their favorite shows.

25 weeks, 20 states, and four lucky winners later, our tour sparked meaningful conversations, service consideration, and genuine excitement. Just ask the 4.2K+ Biggest Fan entrants.


“The DISH Biggest Fan Tour brought our partnership with NBCUniversal to life via a meaningful experience that really connected with consumers. It worked so much harder for us than a direct mail campaign ever could have done.”

- Kenny Leavitt, Senior Marketing Lead, DISH network

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