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An Experience Served Ice Kühl

Most tasting events are created equal, but some rise above the fray. In our experience, we find it helps when there’s a free shot, life-sized geometric stag and a mysterious Huntress involved.

In 2017, we traveled across the country with Jägermeister, educating bar-goers on how the aperitif is best served (“ice kühl” at exactly -18ºC) and encouraging moments of “Prost” (German for “cheers”). To make the moment memorable, we gave away custom Polaroids per event and provided a Jägermeister Snapchat filter to encourage easy (and fun) social sharing. In total, we spanned the country with 730 unique events. We exceeded our interaction goal by 22% and our sampling goal by 19% by distributing +30K samples. And yes, we had a pretty “kühl” time, so much so, we’re expanding the experience in 2018.

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“This is the best promotion I’ve ever participated in!”

– Key market consumer in Texas