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THE PULSE: Recent Top Reads, Dec. 2022

January 16, 2023
The Pulse is committed to staying on top of meaningful marketing trends, and December’s most read articles demonstrated how brands went above and beyond this winter to captivate audiences. Check out our recap below! 

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Inside Disney’s ‘Avatar’ Marketing Strategy—Reviving the Franchise 13 Years Later  

Thirteen years after the release of the prequel, Disney went big with immersive activations to market Avatar: The Way of Water. The activations were on a global scale, from turning Venice’s canals a bioluminescent blue to bringing the fantasy into people’s homes with Amazon Echo.  Read more from Ad Age

Corona Turns Its Famous Holiday Ad Into an Augmented Reality Experience 

In the newest installment of its long-running Christmas campaign, Corona brought a classic ad into the future. The celebrated beer brand created a virtual tree lot through augmented reality, inviting consumers to bring a Christmas palm tree into their living rooms. Read more from AdWeek. 

Why the NFL Continues to Tackle the Metaverse 

Despite hesitation from some marketers, sports leagues have not shied away from embracing virtual worlds. The NFL continued its investment in the metaverse with NFL Zone, a new world within Fortnite Creative. Read more from BizBash. 

Meta Examines the Role of AR, the Metaverse, VR in the Future of Work 

Since the start of the pandemic, workplace life has seen major shifts as businesses have embraced virtual technology. Meta reports on the potential future of extended reality and the metaverse in the workplace in a new study that includes a survey of major business leaders. Read more from AdWeek.  

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