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THE PULSE: Recent Top Reads, Jun. 2023

July 25, 2023

The Pulse is committed to staying on top of meaningful marketing trends, and June’s most-read articles shine a light on brands that are investing in larger-than-life activations. From United Airlines’ innovation lab to Nike’s new immersive experience in Fortnite, check out our recap below. 

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See Inside United Airlines’ New Tech-Forward Innovation Hub 

United Airlines opens its Airshop Innovation Center. This state-of-the-art experience lab hosts immersive activities including visual storytelling and projection mapping to showcase the future of aviation. Read more from Biz Bash.

Skittles Connects Pride Month Packaging to LGBTQ+ Stories on Audible 

Skittles partners with Audible and GLAAD to create Pride Month packaging that links to content from LGBTQ+ storytellers. The packaging itself also features art from LGBTQ+ artists whose work and stories will be highlighted in a podcast series.  Read more from Marketing Dive. 

Nike Debuts ‘Airphoria’ in Fortnite    

Nike and Epic Games came together to create Airphoria, an Air Max-themed immersive experience in Fortnite. Airphoria offers an immersive experience where players can embark on a virtual Nike sneaker hunt. Read more from Epic Games.

Ikea Plans for a 19-Foot Bag in New York Tied to AR Experience

Ikea unveils a monumental structure of its iconic blue bag in major cities across the U.S. When scanned, QR codes on the bag unlock and augmented reality experience with exclusive offers for consumers. Read more from Marketing Dive. 

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