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THE PULSE: Recent Top Reads, Mar. 2023

April 11, 2023

The Pulse is committed to staying on top of meaningful marketing trends, and March’s most-read articles showed how major brands are changing the game. From virtual hockey activations to reinvented brand strategies, check out our recap below!  Want more regular brand and marketing insights? Sign up to get The Pulse in your inbox every Tuesday.


Behind the Scenes of the ‘Big City Greens Classic’ 

ESPN, Disney, and the NHL teamed up to virtually recreate an entire hockey game in real time. Using real-time data tracking, the experience featured 3D animated players whose movements synced with what was happening on the ice at Madison Square Garden. Read more from ESPN.


Willie Nelson Joins Sam, Spike and Chuck on Capital One’s Annual Road Trip to March Madness 

Capital One’s beloved March Madness campaign returned with Samuel L. Jackson, Charles Barkley, and Spike Lee taking their annual road trip. This year, the usual crew was joined by music legend Willie Nelson, who performed a song during one of the five ads in the series. Read more from Muse. 


How D.C.’s Pink Tie Party Turned Guests into Fashion Models for the Night 

The annual pre-party for the National Cherry Blossom Festival encourages attendees to dress in pinks and florals to celebrate the season. This year, there was an added twist. As part of an increased focus on fashion at the event, the party surprised guests by turning them into runway models. Read more from Biz Bash.


How AB InBev is Shifting the Goals of its Creative Excellence Program  

Five years ago, AB InBev adjusted their strategy to go from being a brand buyer to a brand builder (and has Cannes Lions awards to show for it). Now, leadership executives outline the process they are using to make AB InBev “the most creative brand in the world.” Read more from The Drum. 

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