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TREND REPORT: Embracing Freedonism, the Consumer Mindset of 2023

February 9, 2023
The DIrect Hit - February 2023 - Embracing Freedonism
Amongst the many trends set to take over 2023, one is crucial to understand the mindset many consumers are holding as they seek out experiences this year: Freedonism. It’s a “live in the moment” mentality, born out of living through years of crises, prompting people worldwide to look for opportunities to escape from reality. 

Brands across all industries can create experiences that emphasize fun and freedom to coincide with consumers’ growing carpe diem mentality. Certain brands, like Obsidian and Starbucks, are already creating immersive and lighthearted activations to capture audience attention.    

In this month’s trend report, we examine the roadmap brands can follow to effectively harness freedonism through activations, programs, and promotions this year. 

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